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Description is the largest gaming hosting in Russia. The main goal is to provide quality services for renting game servers, web hosting. Thanks to a flexible tariff schedule, you can choose the server that suits you, high-performance and already configured for services such as anti-cheat EAC, web statistics: HLstatsX: CE, PsychoStats, Ban management systems: AMXbans 5.0 - 6.0, SourceBans, content hosting for creating fast downloads of files from the game server via the HTTP protocol, all this and much more is free, for our users who rented a server from us. Russia Moscow CS 1.6 CS GO CSS CSS v34 CS CZ Garry's Mod GTA SAMP GTA MTA TF2 L4D L4D2 Valheim Rust Unturned Minecraft Hurtworld ARK Day of Defeat: Source ARMA 3 HL HL2
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Game server hostingARK: Survival Evolved
Game server hostingARMA 3
Game server hostingCounter-Strike 1.6
Game server hostingCounter-Strike: Condition Zero
Game server hostingCounter-Strike: Global Offensive
Game server hostingCounter-Strike: Source
Game server hostingCounter-Strike: Source v34
Game server hostingDay of Defeat: Source
Game server hostingGarry's Mod
Game server hostingGTA: Multi Theft Auto (MTA)
Game server hostingGTA: San Andreas Multiplayer
Game server hostingHalf-Life 2: Deathmatch
Game server hostingHalf-Life: Deathmatch
Game server hostingHurtworld
Game server hostingLeft 4 Dead
Game server hostingLeft 4 Dead 2
Game server hostingMineCraft
Game server hostingRust
Game server hostingTeam Fortress 2
Game server hostingUnturned
Game server hostingValheim
Virtual dedicated server hosting (VDS)
Dedicated server hosting
Server colocation in the data center
Web hosting
Voice server hostingTeamSpeak 3